Rev. Mark A. Toney, Senior Pastor
work: 513-241-5799
New Unity Baptist Church
2124 Burnet Avenue - Cincinnati, Ohio 45219.  Office: 513-241-5799
Mark A. Toney Pastor

“A great commitment to the great commandments and the great commission will build a great church”
Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ: 
Welcome to “Kingdom Builders for a Brighter Day Ahead”.  It is part of GOD’s design for us to develop and grow in both faith and works.  When we pray “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10)…we also have the responsibility of developing a “Kingdom mindset” so that we can help develop the culture of heaven here on earth.  Many people will say “Oh I have faith!” But (James 2:17) says “even so faith if it hath not works is dead, being alone.”  Therefore we must have faith and works.
(Matthew 5:16) says “let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”  God will provide resources such as Bibles, books, media and of course people such as Pastors and leaders of the church, community, etc. But it is our responsibility to OBEY GOD and use the resources He sends us, so that we can be better leaders.  Leaders who are VISIBLE, VOCAL and VICTORIOUS!
(Matthew 5:14-16) GOD wants us to be His representatives on earth. He needs your life to shine like a beacon of light in a world where the darkness of sin is all around us. He needs men and women from all walks of life to spread the glorious light of the gospel in their own sphere of influence and activity. We are no longer “secret agents”. As citizens of the Kingdom we must let our light shine.
We become shining lights for GOD when we tell others of the marvelous things He has done. Our light shines brighter when we “study to show ourselves approved unto GOD” see (2 Timothy 2:15). We can be more vocal when we prepare our hearts and minds for Kingdom building as outlined in the model (LORDS) prayer. See (Matthew 6:9-18) God is calling you! As outlined in (Matthew 8:18-20) to be Vocal and Help fulfill the Great CO-mission.
(Acts 1”8 / Ephesian 3:14-21) This year we will further develop a Kingdom mindset by developing leadership skills that will help us great leaders for the Kingdom of heaven. You are being called to develop special leadership skills with a divine empowerment to succeed and be Victorious in every area of life. Together we are KINGDOM BUILDERS for a BRIGHTER DAY AHEAD and JESUS IS LORD!
Yours in Kingdom Building